Sunday 27 April 2014

Party Time

It's my friend Madison's birthday today. I decided to give her epilepsy.

Words to Colours (Ascii to hex)

Get Chicken Crimpy from Hexadecimal Colours

I've been obsessed with Numberphile recently, one of my favourite YouTube channels. In one video (below) they talk about using numbers to encrypt information, so in essence they're "illegal numbers" as they're illegal to distribute. They go on to make their own hypothetical illegal number by taking "NUMBERPHILE" to converting it from Ascii to binary, then decimal, then hexadecimal, then to hexadecimal colours.

So essentially, you can take the colours, extract the hexadecimal colour values and eventually arrive back at the original Ascii values like the Chicken Crimpy picture. So distributing the colours would be illegal.

I've made a widget in JavaScript to convert ascii to hex colours! You can play with it here:
Here's my original code:

My colours.

Pi to as many that could fit on the web page.

I was super disappointed with how ugly these deliberate random hexadecimal colours are :(