Thursday 28 January 2021

Priorities 🌪

 It was evening. I'm in a crowded labyrinthian high rise for some well forgotten quest to purchase things I didn't really need. As I entered onto the sky bridge, a low rumbling came through the towers, the lights flickered off. Looking out through the large pane windows, a dark silhouette of a tornado was slowly forming over the vast city landscape, the city was turning off.

Screams occupied my ears. Around me, a scattering mess of people running to safety. Run. I dumped my huge bag on a table in the midst of the chaos. No. First, I need to find my most crucial belongings.

I began to sift through my things in search of my phone... I found my secondhand Kindle. I secretly wanted a Kobo or a Kindle Oasis! The added feature of the warm backlight and the ergonomics were far better in the earlier versions!! I cast it aside with an internal squeal of delight at the prospect of getting a replacement.

The tornado was starting to get closer as I hurriedly scrambled through my bag. Where is my phone!?! The building I just exited ripped away, leaving my half of the sky bridge exposed to the gusty elements. The tornado retreated.

I just couldn't find it. Arrrrgh what ever will I do without my phone!? I pulled out all my personal belongings, my jumper, my flask, my other flask for tea, sports gear, pole heels, my earbuds, my homemade lunch (a crushed vegetarian sandwich), the other lunch I bought (kimchi beef onigiri), keys to various things, my wallet. I saw the tornado gaining speed towards me in my periphery vision. I sighed. It's okay. This is just a dream. I'll go on without my phone because this isn't real.

My memory fades to smoke.

I very rarely remember my dreams. I think I was in a semi lucid state, but the events triggered some deep seated truths allowed this memory remain.

I'm just disappointed that my consumerist mindset seeps into my unconscious. I spent so much effort acquiring a secondhand Kindle - my pride is wrapped up in it - but after watching many a reviews, my true desire to have the most recent model which is totally missing the point of the endeavour.

After getting wrapped up in frustration, I finally left my phone behind after resigning to the fact that it's just a dream and that's what brought me comfort? It makes me wonder what I would do in such a situation. Which should be, dump bag, run full pelt. I have a feeling that's not the case.