Thursday 19 October 2023

Why Trash Tech?

I'm opening my doors: Mei's Trash Tech consultancy. I've considered of many other names, this one stubbornly stuck in my mind, and at this point abandoning it will be a disservice. Here's my poor attempt to prove to myself that it's more than a quirky compulsion.

Building software is hard.

There is a journey in bringing a traditionally real life process, into the virtual plane and into reality. It requires strong intentionality to ensure that each step of the journey is actually useful, impactful and relevant. There is a significant cognitive load to do this correctly, to scale software and to think of all the corner cases. In fact, to engineer is to lather the craft, the process, with the love and adoration it deserves.

If you want stable technology, reliant, predictable, risk averse, then politely yeet yourself out.

For those who are dare to dream. To make the impossible possible. Who want to explore the potential of how we interact with our virtual realm. Willing to take risks. Push the boundaries of human to tech interfacing via screens. Willing to put up with imperfection.

Experimentation is the core of creating something truly new.

Let’s formulate hypotheses and test them out.

Embrace the chaos.

Let’s collaborate.

After all, the easiest way to validate a concept is to have it look horrifically ugly, yet still be useful.