Saturday 17 May 2014


The DURR is a bracelet that alerts you by vibrating every 5 minutes (see video for how this might be useful). It came out half a year or so ago very exclusively for $120. It sounded like a simple introductory electronics project so since then, I've been meaning to create my own.

~ Murr ~

The Durr has given quite a bit of transparency in terms of what hardware they used so I just purchased what they used:

  • Coin vibration motor
  • ATtiny85 (the brain)
  • CR2032 battery
The total cost was ~$12 and months of waiting for components to arrive.

I used the Arduino to program the ATtiny: instructions


Although I attempted to code it myself but I found that others had used assembly which allows it to be much more efficient. Code from here.

I'm super happy with the result. ^w^ My photography doesn't do it justice, particularly that 70's brown veroboard.

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