Thursday 12 June 2014

NFC ring~

I made an NFC ring to unlock my phone~

The things I needed to accomplish this:
  • NFC tokens (18mm, 1kb size)
  • Generic rings (adjustable size)
  • Android rooted phone with Xposed Framework
Total = $10.

This is very simple to implement if you have a rooted phone with Xposed Framework enabled. All you need to do is download this module: [MOD][Xposed] NFC Unlocking (based on NFCLockscreenOff Enabler)
This allows you to enable NFC while your phone is locked with the screen off. For those with unrooted Android phones, it's possible to do this but I'm not entirely sure of the process.

I'm really happy with the end result. It opens the possibility of using an insanely complicated security options.

The inspiration came from Adafruit!

Some issues:
My skin has been reacting to the cheap material on the ring.
The NFC token scans multiple times and brings up an "Unknown tag type" dialogue. I think I can fix this with Tasker.
Kid's PVA glue (Clag) isn't a fantastic binding agent.
Rings are really uncomfortable. This is my first time and it's terrible :<

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