Monday 14 July 2014

GovHack~ Fix My City!

Over the weekend, myself and a team of super rad people went to GovHack! It's a competition that gets the public to use government and local data to create an application. There are tonnes of prizes, free food which makes up for the soul draining experience as the competition lasts 48 hours.

At 48 hours with limited sleep~

While my team didn't really know each other prior to the event, amazingly our limited skill sets happened to compliment each other.

I worked on processing the data on the front end and incorporating swishy effects with JavaScript. Also I did most of the video.

This is the video:

We eventually found out that it costs $16 to report a problem to someone in council, and $400 to report something to the Lord Mayor. If we integrated our system directly into their SAP instance, it would bring a lot of value.

Our final work is functional, but needs a lot of polishing. I'm super happy with it and I hope something like this be used in the future. It's taught me the effectiveness of quick prototyping and why many tech companies utilise 20% time and hack days.

GovHack was super fun. Totally worth it~

Here's our final submission:


More information about the project here:

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