Wednesday 27 August 2014

I got a jawb!

I'm going to be a graduate developer at!!! So as of early next year, I'll be rotating throughout the company working on various projects in loads of different technologies.

REA put a lot of effort to making the recruitment process as enjoyable as possible. I was flown to Melbourne to do the interview and I came back with just as much knowledge about working in IT and REA as the information they gathered about me.

It's a complete miracle that I've managed to acquire this position. This was the only graduate position I actually applied for, as:
  • I didn't think I could graduate for another year or so
  • BUT this job sounded so perfect that I devised a strategy - (most likely) fail to get the position this year, then apply next year with a perfect application off what I had learned
When the offer got serious, I found out that it is possible to graduate with just my IT degree at the end of the year, so I'll be dropping my business degree to continue in the future for whenever I actually develop an interest in it.

So I'll be moving down to Melbourne for the position with my kitty cat early next year ^^

Look how excited she was when I told her.

In light of these events, I'm going to start a series on this blog about my overall honest reflections on university - what I completely despised and what I thoroughly enjoyed. Additionally, the nature of my posts will be changing in nature. I'll be focusing more on analytical content rather than observational content. It will be much more interesting to (all 2 of my) readers and give this blog a purpose.

Get hype.

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