Saturday 8 March 2014

My ear candies

I spend a lot of time on the bus listening to terrible music.

While my music taste might be a little off, I do care about the quality of music, and I make sure that I have a decent pair of In-Ear Moniters (IEMs) on me at all times. My most recent pair of earbuds died when I landed in Sydney for my Google experience - the biggest buzz kill. Since then I've been using the world's most popular and accessible portable listening medium: The iconic Apple ear-buds.

Mind you, the ones that I found deep in my cupboard had its rubber/plastic bits rotting, and the drivers were rattling around in the case, giving a new meaning to extra bass.
~*omg so pretty*~

I came out of the half baked Apple experience mildly surpised. They produced adequate bass, carried a tune, they didn't leak enough sound so people weren't offended by my music. I'm glad that they're sold with every Apple product out there because only silly people like me actually care about sound quality, and would prefer to be aware of their surroundings using more than one of their external senses, and what they're listening to.

Anyway, this all came to a halt when I received a parcel today.

They are VSONIC GR06s.

This is the second time I've ordered these. While I don't claim to be an audiophile, they are THE best IEMs I've ever experienced, and I've used my fair share of IEMs, some that I've paid over $150 for from the local JB Hi-Fi.

They're just amazing. They make chilling on the bus very enjoyable and it gives your music a pretty intense experience. It's very easy to tell if an audio file is FLAC or 320kb/s.

These cost ~$70 (including shipping).

Prepare to be ear raped, and enjoy it~

The cable is very robust. I lost my first pair, but I had them for a very almost a year and I didn't have experience any problems.

They come with 17 different sets of tips, depending on your ear size, and how you like your music (and favourite colour).

If you listen to music as much as I do, please get yourself a decent pair of IEMs. I'd recommend these GR06s but if your budget is a little lower, you could get others.

All of these put the Apple earbud to shame.

$30 - VSONIC R02
$70 - VSONIC GR06


  1. Thank you Mei, I always have trouble finding a decent pair of headphones. I'm not a fan of my current ones as they aren't really comfortable and always fall out. I'll have to try one of these pairs next time.