Sunday 30 March 2014

Why the front?

I recently got some business cards done up. Anything is better than scribbling my email address incorrectly on a scrap of hot pink paper then handing it to someone I'm trying to woo with my technical prowess. While being intimidating on paper, having two hyphenated names (Mei Weng Brough-Smyth) makes things like professional email addresses unnecessarily complicated.

Anyway here they are:

I just wanted to clarify that I had to refrain myself from getting the following design printed:

While I managed to control myself, I just wanted to say that I'm completely miffed at the state of business card designs. They typically are overly professional and do not reflect the card holder's personality - and in fact refrain from showing any sort of personality at all.

Trying to find a example feminine looking business cards in tech or finance was much too difficult. Through my hasty research, I felt that people abandon themselves and try to create a front that satisfies the stereotype that they're trying to present. :<

This all raises the question - do I want to be associated with anyone who would feel awkward holding my kitty business card?

No. No I do not.

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