Saturday 3 January 2015

Raspberry Pi Security Camera

So I'm moving to place with a high crime rate so strategically I've decided to make a security camera using my untouched Raspberry Pi. My security camera streams video at 1 fps to a web page and uploads AVI's of movement to Dropbox. I used:

  • Raspberry Pi ($35)
  • Unused web cam ($10)
  • Micro SD card 8gb ($10)
  • Wifi USB dongle ($5)

Knowing basic unix commands and python helped a lot in customising and troubleshooting as some instructions are a little out of date.

The project took me one day to complete. I'm really happy with the results. The streaming only lags by approximately one second which I thought was super impressive.

To improve this, I'd like to create a script that emails me when a file is uploaded to Dropbox... and perhaps set off a buzzer in a drawer to freak someone out.

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