Tuesday 1 March 2016

I dug up some old Minecrafts

I was watching some Twitch streams, and I came across one which was playing an old Modpack that I used to play - The Madpack by JonBams & Keehan.

So I found two old Minecraft worlds from 2 years ago! I wanted to put them here for safe keeping since I put quite a bit of time and effort into them and I had so much fun making them. Additionally they're very flakey - I was tinkering around in one of them and it crashed. Now, the entire world projectile vomits Java errors every time it tries to find the instance... I managed to restore it for some pictures.

Let's check it out~

The Madpack

omg be gentle

I have a bit of a fear of modded games. Particularly in Minecraft 1.6, the chances of the game bugging out on you or your spawn location being in an infinite ocean was pretty high.

this ma base
Apparently I enjoyed living in a pentagonal layer cake in the middle of the ocean.

fuel everything with pink
I used these pink energy generators that allow you to create power from pink items. This farm automatically sheers off pink wool, pipe the wool into generators and away you go. The sheep are in force juice to make their wool grow back super fast. There are much more efficient ways of getting power but this is definitely the prettiest.

I don't eat duplicated food
This pack allows you to duplicate items, but I only eat organically grown, fresh produce. This is my  humane pig farm that ahem, sheers the pigs for layers of their skin and cooks it to produce bacon. Which you can then store in the Baconator, which automagically feeds you while you're hard at work. I wish this item existed in the real world.

quintuple compressed cobblestone generator
There's a pretty over-powered (synonymous with fun) mod called Aethercraft. It allows you to duplicate items based on their worth. This is a cobblestone extractor (right) which then compresses them 4 times into quintuple compressed cobblestone (value of 236,196 or 23 diamonds), which is transported right to my item storage.

good times :)
This is the ME system, which allows you to store all your items as data. It's not possible for me to play vanilla Minecraft anymore because of this mod.


SkyFactory is a little different because you spawn on top of a tree, on top of a dirt block. Using the mods provided, it's possible to generate all the materials to create a world.

I loved it because it is purely technical. It also used very similar mods as Madpack as it was developed at the same time so there are a lot of repeated mechanisms in the two worlds.

Also I hate infinite void so the challenge of perpetual heart attack was... fun?

I couldn't have a Nether portal near my bed because the Nether also didn't have any land. So when I finally went to the Nether, the platform that I created spawned a huge amount of monsters, and they would push themselves into the overworld. It would have been a good idea to make it into a mob spawner but honestly, I didn't know any better back then.

You can play these by downloading the ATLauncher!

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Back to playing other video games.

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