Thursday 23 January 2014

An inappropriate topic

I mentioned previously that I wanted to make a game based on Pascal's wager. I made it this evening's entertainment. I used Javascript/jQuery.

It includes:
  • 10 different absurd death scenarios
  • 9 different outcomes based on a randomised God
  • No happy endings
  • My terrible, terrible sense of humour
A live version is here (console will show God's characteristics):

My original code is here:

This was my original outline with all options and endings:

I don't think it needs a GUI. I did feel like I should add a few pictures, but I feel I've put enough effort into such a terrible sardonic item. I've been planning to create an app about complaints.

I grabbed the absurd deaths from:

Talk about GOD, death and hedonistic video game playing, after 39 hours, I have finally finished the tiny indie game that is The Binding of Isaac for the first time! As in I have managed to defeat Mum. I can now wear my Binding of Isaac t-shirt with pride, rather than with shame. When trying to replicate my winning run, they've added two additional dungeons and increased the ferocity of every single the boss.


Just imagine what I would have conquered had I spent those same hours reading about tax evasion.

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