Sunday 19 January 2014

These stellar interpersonal skills

After watching myself talk to myself for a good portion of the night/morning, it's not so hard to believe that people might dislike me.

I think it's not necessarily anything that I do consciously, I have terrible body language. I look like I have no confidence in what I'm saying, which doesn't surprise me. I'm not Google so it's impossible to know if every single fact that comes out of my mouth is completely true.

Its hard not to notice that when handing out flyers, some people have a closed disposition and no one wants to interact with them in fear of the impending awkwardness, but there are others who are successful with an open disposition.

What is the difference between the two? How do you stop others from talking over you? How do you impose a positive initial impression on someone so much so that they will purchase whatever your selling? (In this case, myself)

An easy way to sum it up for those alike me with terrible ~interpersonal~ skills, its similar to The Elder Scrolls, in which my friend has more EXP in speech than I, and can get additional tips and tricks. I recently witnessed this situation first hand in real life and it completely baffled me.

How do you get this EXP in real life?

I've been stumped for the longest time. Wikihow can only get you so far. I'm trying to make myself more presentable...

In terms of career, at least with IT its expected for you to be socially incompetent, but I know once I have my foot in the door, sweet talking and politics will come into play.

Anyway, that is a topic for another time.

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