Thursday 16 January 2014

My ideal 21sts

I'm currently going on 21, this is somewhat important to me because I'm planning a birthday party and I've been indulging so much in my hedonistic solitude that I haven't thrown a party since primary school. I'm planning three events:
  1. An intimate and casual gathering all my close friends (amazingly I've picked 15 likely candidates worthy of this title)
  2. Unreal Tournament 2004 online party
  3. High tea with a friend
I'm super excited about the ut2k4 party. It's was the first game that got me into first person shooters, even though I only played it briefly as back then, it was already considered dated. I've never really played it online. I've always been astounded me how timeless the graphics are. At that time they knew the fact that computer graphics wouldn't be realistic in the way the Battlefield 4s of today are, rather than striving for it, they embraced it and made fantasy beautiful fantasy environments that unlike anything we had seen at the time, which I guess is why they called themselves Unreal.

Anyway, I'll need to find if I can actually find people who would want to play with me, and if those are willing to pay for their own copy, or perhaps even break their moral barrier and use illegal means to obtain it just for me. And then there are server rental complications, like do they even have them anymore??

I'm looking forward to it :)

21 doesn't really mean much to me. I'm still studying and I'm very much dependent on my parents and friends for guidance. I haven't reached a level of maturity that I'd expect of a 21 year old. I think I'll have a real reason to celebrate when I get that professional job.

Also it will be a real reason to go on shopping sprees, which is another thing I've indulged in as of recently.

A negative bank statement should make me feel much more guilty.

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